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Greenspeed Research, a 501c3 organization dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy sources, developed the world’s fastest vegetable oil powered vehicle.  Protecting the Cummins based engine is a Fluidampr performance damper, a product of Vibratech TVD.  Photo courtesy of Greenspeed Research.

Advances In Viscous Damper Technology

High level race engine builders approached Vibratech TVD in the mid-1980s to bring the durability and broad frequency range protection of our crankshaft torsional viscous dampers to professional motorsports. Fluidampr® brand performance dampers originated from this request.  Today, Fluidampr performance dampers are a fully-owned product of Vibratech TVD and are one of the market leading, SFI 18.1 spec, premium crankshaft dampers sold.

Vibratech TVD’s involvement in professional motorsports is a source of product development and refinement that benefits all other powertrain configurations.  Vibratech TVD heavy duty and industrial viscous dampers have seen significant improvements from advances in damping mediums, non-metallic bearings, heat dissipation, frequency bandwidth protection, integrated component design and more through our involvement in motorsports.

Beyond Fluidampr performance damper catalog parts, production race engine and performance kit manufacturers also turn to Vibratech TVD for custom damper development and manufacturing. Services offered include:

  • Powertrain torsional vibration analysis; including crankshaft, camshaft and driveline.
  • CAD simulation modeling.
  • Finite element analysis.
  • 3D printed models.
  • Comparative product testing.
  • Advanced American precision CNC manufacturing.


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