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High performance sports cars, commercial trucks, and transit buses all benefit from Vibratech TVD crankshaft, cam shaft and driveline dampers.

Construction and mining equipment, plus agricultural machinery benefits from the reliability of Vibratech TVD crankshaft, camshaft, and driveline dampers.

Well heads, gas compression pumping engines, and on-site gen sets operate efficiently with Vibratech TVD crankshaft dampers.

High performance watercraft and work boats alike benefit from the durability of a Vibratech TVD crankshaft damper in low-airflow conditions.

High performance dampers for track racing, drag racing, pulling, and watercraft.

When failure is not an option, the Defense industry chooses Vibratech TVD dampers.

Diesel electric locomotives deliver reliably on the durability and rebuild options of Vibratech TVD crankshaft dampers.