Torsional Vibration Analysis

At the core of Vibratech TVD’s engineering is our expert torsional vibration analysis and 70 years of company design and development heritage. Understanding the dynamics of singular and multiple mode vibration through the operating range requires proprietary methods, specialized education, sophisticated measurement equipment, and computer-aided modeling software.

torsional vibration analysis


  • Mobile Equipment
    • FFT Analyzer
    • Test Bed Monitoring Control Unit
    • Laser tachometer
    • Magneto resistive digital gear tooth sensors
    • Accelerometers
    • Infrared temperature measurement
  • In-House Equipment
    • All wheel drive, eddy current chassis dynamometer
    • Hooke’s Joint Machine
    • Torsiotest Log Decay
  • Outside Resources
    • NATO engine testing
    • NVH testing

Case Study Highlights

Driveline Torsional Vibration Analysis

A leading transit bus manufacturer faced a potential deal breaking NVH concern.  They contracted Vibratech TVD to conduct extensive driveline torsional vibration analysis in the field. Together, the team isolated the problem and created a tuned driveline torsional viscous damper to mount between the mating flanges of the transmission and drive shaft.  Delighted with the results, the Vibratech TVD damper became a production part.

Crankshaft Torsional Vibration Analysis

A major manufacturer of military vehicles was developing a new diesel engine.  From the start their powertrain team identified the need for a viscous damper.  Collaboration began early with Vibratech TVD to identify required goals, share design files and develop team communications.  Knowing the design properties and mass elastics of the engine, Vibratech TVD conducted computer simulated torsional vibration analysis and finite element analysis to develop a new crankshaft viscous damper.  The engine, with Vibratech TVD viscous damper, passed stringent U.S. Government military validation testing.



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