Full-electric and hybrid drive vehicles face new torsional vibration challenges.  Instant full-torque induction creates stress on a driveshaft and induces unwanted NVH from backlash against the drive gears.  Incorporating a torsional viscous hybrid drive damper is a cost-effective, long term solution.

Vibratech TVD has collaborated with leading world transit bus manufacturers to resolve NVH through developing optimized narrow frequency driveline dampers.  As more passenger and off-highway vehicles adopt the efficiency of hybrid and full-electric drives, Vibratech TVD is experienced and capable of adapting a driveline viscous damper to new configurations.

Vibratech TVD recommends that OEMs do not use a viscous crankshaft damper in the research and development of drivelines and rotating shafts.  The crankshaft damper may not provide optimum results.  Contact Vibratech TVD at +1 716-592-1000 for driveline damper consultation.

hybrid drive damper


industries served and potential applications

  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Mass Transit
  • Motorsports
  • Off-Highway / Construction / Mining
  • On-Highway

Case Study Highlights


Vibratech TVD was approached by a major manufacturer of mass transit vehicles to analyze, test, engineer and manufacture viscous dampers to eliminate driveline torsional vibrations causing unacceptable NVH throughout the cabin.

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Hybrid Drive Damper
Hybrid Drive Damper
Hybrid Drive Damper

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