Crankshaft dampers

Engine manufacturers are challenged to deliver emissions-compliant, quieter and more fuel-efficient powertrains without sacrificing performance and reliability. The use of sophisticated turbochargers, high pressure fuel injection and elevated mean effective pressure sets up an even greater torsional vibration force on the crankshaft. A quality viscous style crankshaft damper is an essential component to maintain durability standards.

For over 70 years, Vibratech TVD (formerly Houdaille) has delivered the broadest industry leading experience in viscous damper design and development.  ISO 9001:2015 Design & Development certified.


Benefits of a Vibratech TVD Viscous Crankshaft Damper

  • Protects across wide frequency range and multiple orders.
  • Longer product life compared to elastomer damper designs.
  • Maintains operating tolerance in harsh environments.

Industries Served

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Mass Transit
  • Motorsports
  • Off-Highway / Construction / Mining
    Oil & Gas
  • On-Highway
  • Power Generation
  • Rail



Global manufacturer of off-highway equipment on verge of loosing customer because of major torsional vibration problems originating from elastomeric damper failing during operating duty. Manufacturer sought viscous damper solution from Vibratech TVD for improved durability and reliability. Vibratech TVD was able to analyze, engineer and manufacture a solution within a matter of weeks, thus helping to save the customer for the manufacturer.

Impressed with the benefits and understanding the limits of retrofitting, the same manufacturer then contracted with Vibratech TVD to develop viscous dampers in conjunction with their Tier 4 engine development.


Vibratech TVD contracted by major manufacturer of military vehicles to develop and manufacture viscous damper as an upgrade from elastomeric damper causing potential engine failures during field operations. Newly developed diesel engine equipped with Vibratech TVD torsional viscous damper successfully passed NATO validation testing.


Race engine developer and manufacturer associated with major OEM racing division solicited Vibratech TVD to optimize a small diameter viscous damper at 10,000rpm for a naturally aspirated in-line four application.  Viscous damper to replace current elastomeric design for improved durability and performance.  New Vibratech TVD developed under the Fluidampr brand exceeded validation testing and was approved SFI 18.1 for use in professional motorsports.


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Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper
Crankshaft Damper

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