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Vibratech TVD is a leader in torsional viscous damper design and development for the engines that power our global economy. We partner with OEM and aftermarket engineering teams to provide torsional vibration analysis, design integration, rapid prototyping and product validation. Vibratech TVD is relationship focused and offers OEMs needed flexibility and speed to market while delivering precision quality. Headquarterd in Springville, New York, USA, the company features advanced CNC manufacturing capable of low, mid and high volume production.

Made in USA. ISO 9001:2015 certified. ITAR registered.




Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the company.
Over 95% hard materials are recycled.

Dedicated Safety Coordinator manages all aspects of materials and safety requirements.

Vibratech TVD is a strong supporter of family and community values.  We contribute to several quality of life charitable organizations within our region.


2000’s – Present –  Vibratech, Inc. dissolves in early 2000s.  The torsional viscous damper product line, including Fluidampr, is acquired by their acclaimed high precision machining supplier and renamed Vibratech TVD in 2003.  Vibratech TVD invests in advanced manufacturing and quality improvements and earns  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems and Design & Development certifications.  The company further advances the durability and performance of the torsional viscous damper.  Focus is on collaborating with OEMs to provide torsional vibration analysis of powertrain systems, then developing and manufacturing integrated viscous damping solutions.  In 2014, Vibratech TVD achieves Partner Level supplier status with a leading global heavy duty diesel powertrain manufacturer – the highest ranking recognition by the company.

1990’s – Spun damper introduced into production. Remaining aircraft business sold in 1994. Company moved to Alden, NY. Emphasis on vibration technology, new products and new alliances.

1980’s – Plastic rotary viscous damper introduced. Begin reselling linear hydraulic shock absorbers to the rail market. Fluidampr introduced to motorsports market. Spun damper housing patented in 1987. Company name changes to Vibratech, Inc.

1970’s – Focus on improving cost and product life of viscous harmonic damper for diesel engine applications.

1960’s – Introduced rotary actuator, hydraulic motors, aircraft flutter and control dampers, specialized dampers and buffers for military and commercial applications. Unit renamed Houdaille hydraulics, corporation Houdaille industries.

1950’s – Development of transmission, oil pumps and other hydraulic devices. Friction snubbers introduced for rail cars & locomotives. Automotive shock absorbers product line sold in 1954.

1940’s – Aircraft and military products added. Viscous torsional vibration damper invented in 1946. Automotive linear hydraulic shock absorbers added.

Discover more about the invention of the torsional viscous damper in the popular Vibratech TVD blog post, An Early History of the Torsional Viscous Damper.



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